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Software Services
Services at the affordable price is our main motto by bridging the gap between technology and requirements. Regnant provides a wide spectrum of services to meet every need and requirement. We have talented designers, skillful programmers and effective management to provide cost effective and timely solution to meet all needed requirements of our customers.
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
All the services can be availed as per any one of our business models. We always welcome new strategies that will be beneficial to our clients, partners and affiliates as well as to us. You can outsource your projects to and get that done by us. Otherwise you can hire professionals from us, manage them online and get the work done as you wish. By this way you can have your virtual office setup with us and cut your operating and other costs as much as possible. The main aim is, you as a partner, client or an affiliate should be able to avail flexible, cost effective, quality and timely services from our end. It is absolutely free to get a proposal from us on your project. Just fill up the form in the contact us page and send it to us so that we know your exact requirement and our Client Engagement Team will respond you immediately.

Main Features of Software Services
Software Development- In todayís fast moving age, almost everything needs to be automated otherwise itís not easy to cope up with your competitors until you are automated. We develop and furnish customized software as per needs and requirement of our clients.
  • Product Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Implementation
Technologies Used-
  • HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, VBB for front end
  • My SQL Server for Back end
Contact us for more details. Also, we outsource software professionals. Clients and partners can hire the professionals in the Industry's best rates and have their virtual office with us to execute their projects.
Web Development- We has a creative, professional team to meet out your requirement on web development and e-commerce application development. You can have your website designed in the way you want by using our professionals.
  • Web Designing
  • Flash
  • Website Maintenance
  • Quality Testing
Designing-Designing the sites make it possible to have control over your presentation of information and the impression that is left on your visitors. Considering the strategic importance of web design Regnant puts its greatest efforts and ideas to build a site that stands unique among others, which paves way to your business.
Flash-Over last few years flash has increased in popularity with high rate. It has changed the traditional approach of presenting the site. Implementing flash feature to your site will definitely change the look and feel of the site. Flash logos strike oneís imagination by its breath taking visual effects and apart from that do not demand much drive space.
Website Maintenance- In the current economic environment Companies organization is seeking ways to reduce cost and add value to their marketing. Once your site is online it will inevitably need to be updated to keep your content fresh. May be you have site already and looking out for fresh look or changing of contents in that case we can help you.
Technology- Server side infrastructure employs performance oriented servers from Sun & IBM. Storage infrastructure from EMC & Sun. Backup and Disaster Recovery capabilities.
Total support services-24 x 7 x 365 support with live monitoring of the network, server and security operations. Dedicated teams for Database, Network, Security and Server administration and operations. Compliant support services. Dedicated helpdesk operations.
Reliability- 100% redundancy in network infrastructure. Server level clustering and redundancies can also be offered depending on the customer requirement. Redundancy in power feeds, UPS systems and air-conditioning.

Software Services
Services at the affordable price is our main motto by bridging the gap between technology   +Read More
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