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Hotel Management Software

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QuantumR Hotel Management Software
Complete front office management with attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and user friendly, Webcam integration for guest identification. Graphical display of floors and rooms in single window, Admin control and full accounting package.
Admin tool for Taxes and Bill type selection according to use. Phone calls integrated with guest bill.

Front Office operations with single window GUI to manage all rooms and their operations like room service, laundry, extra advance, extra beds, message for visited person, Guest search and photo Identification for guest.

With effective QuantumR Hotel Management Software the hotel staff members can be benefited from flexible and robust option like quick to-do list interface. They can quickly watch and effectively do their tasks.

Good hotel software saves a lot of time and money as the hotel manager can supervise hotel staff to-do lists in real time and track procrastination. Database connectivity of hotel program also ensures that details of all hotel services and vital information regarding current tasks of hotel staff members are easily maintained.
Unique Feature of Our Hotel Management Software
Status of the hotel like occupied rooms, today’s collection and other required details by SMS to parental No. Belonging to owner the owner will instantly receive a SMS upon the every check in and checkout or schedule it as per his requirement.
Occupies very less space.
Can be easily integrated to standard EPABX electronic locks and other software.
With SMS module an SMS will be sent directly to mobile no of the guest with all the contact details which will help the guest in his next visit and u can also send reminders birthday and festival wishes by scheduled SMS all fully automated.
We also help in integrating the hotel website to an online payment portal without any additional cost.
Alerts to Hotel Managers on high bills,VOID bills, Reservation Cancellations etc.
                                    All the above mentioned features are only unique features apart from these standard features like front office, store, bulk checkin and many other features are available.

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